Our Team

Bob Kugler

Founder Winemaker and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur having started and grown several businesses in the US and China including ten years as an angel investor consulting startups. Bob’s first vintage was a Napa Cabernet from the 1980 harvest. He produced wine for the next five years before taking time off to raise his 5 children. In 2009, Marc Goldberg, owner and winemaker at Windward Winery in Paso Robles, challenged him to “help” him with his Pinot Noir operation, the result of this challenge was AVE Winery 2009 “Ave” Pinot Noir. Bob's dedication to making the finest single vineyard wine helped make his Pinot Noir to be a sought after wine. His first vintage sold out within 12 months of release without any marketing spend. Bob visits each of his vineyards continually and works with his highly respected growers, offering suggestions to achieve the perfect grape for his outstanding wines. 

Signe Zoller

Consultant Winemaker, began her winemaking career in 1984, after earning a master’s degree in Enology from the University of California, Davis. A pioneer in the wine industry, Signe has created a name for herself, not only because she is a female winemaker in a predominantly male trade, but also because her innovation and drive have established her as one of the notable winemakers in California. 
Her extensive knowledge of winemaking started at Kendall-Jackson winery in the 1980s when it was only a six-person operation. From there, Signe moved on to lead the winemaking at Meridian Vineyard with founding winemaker Chuck Ortman. Before starting her own label, she also held a senior winemaking position at Cambria Winery in Paso Robles. Currently, she is the owner of Zoller Wine Styling in Paso Robles where she consults with wineries ranging from 1 barrel productions to multiple varietals.